Saturday, May 1, 2010

take me to another place and time

first of all WOW i'm almost at one thousand blog hits! thank you so much for coming here it really means a lot to me that i can put the things that i love on display and people care enough to look.
secondly, i was really surprised that nobody online had a remotely decent copy of these lyrics i mean cmon this song is so good! i cant wait to see neon indian in concert this summer!
lastly, happy may! i'm turning 21 this month which means i can FINALLY go to every concert and event i want to go to! oh and i can drink. haha

flows over my body, originally uploaded by sensing-owls.

Psychic Chasms - Neon Indian

Mind waves pouring through
carry me four and two at a time
where all my thoughts are formed

Coloured haze slowly looms
piercing through like sulphur fumes
while I just contemplate signs

Distant looks from your face
take me to another place and time
where we were never found

Night drains just awake
in the end it's always trailing on
your thoughts were meant to drown

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Anonymous said...

some of the best lyrics ive ever heard.