Wednesday, December 16, 2009

tomorrow today

i love aussie electro. obviously this isnt the real music video but embedding is disabled and yada yada.

Shadows - Midnight Juggernauts

They'll be hiding in the shadows
They'll be hiding in the dark of the night
They'll be hiding 'til tomorrow
They'll be hiding 'til the timing is right

, originally uploaded by Mugennnnnnn.

It's an answer for the future
It's a question that we left in the past
It's a message for the masses
It's a problem but it ain't gonna last

Macy's, NYC, originally uploaded by herbplummer.

Tomorrow today (x2)

exit, originally uploaded by Spitzbob.

It's a passing of a legend
It's a passing of an age of pretend
It's a story that we beckon
It's a story and it ain't gonna end
Until now

Crowdsurfing, originally uploaded by caravanya.

Tomorrow today (x2)

that pegion, originally uploaded by Hirak06.

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