Wednesday, April 7, 2010

aaaah awesome summer concerts!

there's no better motivation to survive finals than a summer full of kickass music. i'm contemplating bonnaroo if i can find people willing to road trip it with me. here's what's planned for nyc so far:

June 17 - Neon Indian at the music hall of williamsburg. i have been dying to see them live seriously psychic chasms is one of my favorite albums of all time. if i go to bonnaroo i'll get to see them twice in one week. crazy. ON SALE FRIDAY
June 21 - Goldfrapp at hammerstein ballroom. eh, goldfrapp is cool but not a top priority. right now i have to prioritize due to cash flow issues. it's $42.50. her new album is solid i've just always found her a little too pop-y. ON SALE FRIDAY
June 30 - Passion Pit and Tokyo Police Club at governor's island. i just saw passion pit like the other month so i'm def not going to this. they were ok live honestly i preferred their recorded stuff. also there were huge amounts of teenyboppers which, to me at least, detracts from the experience. $40. ON SALE NOW
July 24 - M.I.A. on governors island. i already saw m.i.a. in concert last year and it was great so i'm not so eager to go again so soon especially to governors island cause then you have that ferry and the whole thing is $60. ouch. if you're interested, though, she's good live. looks like ninjasonik and some other artists will be there too. ON SALE NOW
July 28 - The Black Keys at the central park summer stage. $35 so i gotta save up cause of all the other tickets i'm buying and cause they're not a tip-top priority but yeah i bet theyre awesome live and their show for the day before (July 27th) already sold out. Also, they'll be at bonnaroo if i can go. ON SALE NOW
August 4 - HOT CHIP with Hercules and Love Affair AND Holy Ghost! at the central park summer stage. $35 just bought my ticket i am so obsessed their new album is awesome! Now who's coming with? And Hercules and Love Affair and Holy Ghost are hotness and will surely bring their own fans =) ON SALE NOW
August 21 - Crystal Castles at terminal 5 AAAAH i'm SO excited. c'mon it's crystal fucking castles!! bummer it's so expensive looks like it's $45. I predict this concert will sell out faster than you can blink. ON SALE FRIDAY

i have my phone programmed to remind me when to buy the neon indian and crystal castles tickets. is anyone else as excited as i am? are there any missing from the list? let me know

passion pit concert, originally uploaded by sassafrassgirl13.

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