Saturday, January 15, 2011

i'm a realist

found this quiz here. my answers are bold and commentary italic. take it and comment

Measure your romantic quotient

Question 1: True / False -- I believe in love at first sight.

i believe in attraction at first sight

Question 2: True / False -- I fall in love easily, and when I do, I fall hard.

not anymore

Question 3: True / False -- I believe there is a perfect soul-mate out there somewhere for me.

nobody's perfect. perfect is boring.

Question 4: True / False -- If I don't have passionate feelings for someone right away, chances are s/he's not "the one."
how impractical

Question 5: True / False -- No matter what challenges life presents, love can conquer all.

if you can find it, you gotta find a way to continue it. take a cue from two door cinema club.

Question 6: True / False -- When you're truly in love, passion never fades; it can last forever.
there are two statements here. i believe it CAN last forever but it can fade too. maybe i'm jaded.

Now, count up the number of "true" answers.
what is that, 1.5?


1-2: You're a realist. You are probably more interested in a partner who can take a toaster apart or get along with your eccentric parents than one who makes passes at you in public.
usefulness is sexy. the 'rents aren't that big a factor. who wrote this thing anyway??

3-4: You're a secret dreamer. You may harbor secret fantasies about love and romance, but you're still firmly attached to the idea that a partner is, above all else, a source of security and your anchor in life.

5-6: You're a total romantic. You can list the best on-screen kisses of all time—because you've watched them over and over! You envision you and your partner madly in love at 90 and still whispering sweet nothings in each others ears.

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