Friday, February 4, 2011

fuck peter pan

Rant time. I got on this bus at 335pm with the expectation that i'd be in the city by 7:45. it is now 8:40 and I'm still in Stamford, CT. the bus was listed as an express to nyc meaning no stops in springfield or hartford. it didnt stop in springfield but it did in hartford for some reason so the bus is packed and super late and i'm mad as hell. and feverish. and starving. seriously all i've eaten since breakfast was a cinnamon roll. and this small child who has been parked next to me has elbowed me over a dozen times. i am miserable and needed to share. buuut it'll all be worth it cause I'm seeing Midnight Conspiracy at webster hall tonight with mr.oizo and chromeo doing a dj set. screwdrivers = germ-killing vodka + vitamin-filled OJ right? I'm telling myself this is a smart decision.

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